The truth about the trio

Regular pandas are developed more to a stable and peaceful enviroment. They have developed camofloauge for thier enviroment and becuase of thier adaptation they have to eat 10-16 hours a day and eat specicif bamboo to survive. They have very critical diet plans and fragile lifestyles that could not survive outside of it.

Red Pandas for such a majestic species are in the endagered list with only 10,000 left in the wild. This is becuase unlike thier cousins that they outcast , they are unable to adapt to urban areas infestred with humans. Like the trashpandas, they are mostly nocrtunal but instead of taking risk they rely on eating bugs and bamboo.

Trash pandas have been the best at adapting to thier surroundings in their quest for forbidden treasures. They are in no way in danger of extinction, if anything thier 20% increase of population supports that they are flourshing from the spoils. Being that they are nocturnal they had to develop to be able to dumbster dive more effeicntlay. To do so they developed taste buds on thier hands to scoure the trash even quicker for less risky encounters with humans.